"You're The Voice" music video

"You're The Voice" music video

A music video for the single "You're The Voice" was released in September 1986 and was directed by Rob Wellington. The video received significant air-time on Australian television throughout late 1986 to early 1987.

The video begins with John Farnham as a news reader proclaiming, "good evening, here is the news..." behind him are images of war, violence and destruction. The video then moves to a scene inside a suburban household where an argument between what appears to be a husband and wife is taking place. The viewer then observes a small girl to be visibly upset at the sight of the argument.

The video addresses issues of domestic violence and stars Australian current affairs news reader and radio personality Derryn Hinch as the arguing father.

Farnham then becomes the focus of the clip until a faux live performance of the song takes place with the John Farnham band performing behind a large red curtain which Farnham tears down.

The only members of the John Farnham band to appear in this video are Farnham, David Hirschfelder and Skyhooks bass player Greg Macainsh.

The video is still given air-play on music television world-wide, and is a highly viewed video on video networking web sites such as YouTube.