"Age Of Reason" music video

"Age Of Reason" music video

A music video for the single "Age Of Reason" was released in July 1988 and was directed by Steve Hopkins. The video received significant air-time on Australian television throughout 1988.

The video contains a number of locations and scenes which were shot in Victoria, Australia. The Melbourne Children's Choir also appear in this video.

A mini-documentary was also produced titled, "Behind The Reason: The Making Of John Farnham's 'Age Of Reason'" Produced and Directed by Neil Clugston for BMG Australia, it contained behind the scenes footage of the making of the music video narated by Farnham himself. It first aired on the Nine Network Australia 'MTV' in 1988 and is contained on subsaquent compilation video releases.

The video is still given air-play on music television world-wide, and is a highly viewed video on video networking web sites such as YouTube.